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The Chuckle Brothers watch a film on TV.


Barry is relaxing at the front of the caravan when Paul tells him The ChuckMobile is broken, so the two decide to try and fix it. Paul comes up with a complicated plan which simply means pedal the bike, Barry does as he's told but it turns out it's Paul's scheme to make a fan to keep him cool. A fly annoys Barry while he pedal's, he goes faster causing random bits of paper to fly and attack Paul, Paul tells him to stop and Barry comes round only to see Paul with a chair and table on top of him.

Paul looks in a newspaper and see's a good film on, they go inside to get everything they need for the film, they decide to make popcorn but pieces keep flying out at them until they put to much in and cause a popcorn explosion, Barry reckons there's not enough salt. The two turn on the TV and a soap opera, the two say its a load of rubbish but end up crying as the shows goes on until the telephone goes out, they suspect its the aerial and Barry of course has to fix it, Barry eventually ends up in the most awkward position ever but the TV's working again.

After other failed attempts and a new TV the two are ready for the film. Barry keeps making too much noise with his crisps and then he can't stop laughing so Paul makes him watch outside and on top of a load of boxes, Barry ends up falling over because he can't see so Paul traps him in a sleeping bag with a balaclava on his head so he can't talk. Paul loses the remote, Barry has it and refuses to give it to him and hops out of the caravan and down the field, Paul tries to chase after him in The ChuckMobile but it doesn't work so he runs it instead.


  • First episode written by Russell T Davies, best known for writing the new Doctor Who episodes.


Paul: Ice cream.

Barry: *Makes high pitch screaming noise*.

Paul: What was that for?

Barry: I scream as well!