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All Clued Up
14x06 All Clued Up

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Written By

John Sayle

Guest Starring

Brian Patton, Terry Ramdall

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Chips That Pass In The Night

Part 6: With the Professor kidnapped, Paul and Barry return to his house in search of clues. They find his diary and try to recreate his movements, which takes them to some unusual places.


After Maddy kidnaps the Professor, Paul and Barry board on the bus and make their way down to his house in search of clues and the bus number 216.

Meanwhile, An conductor who may be, Maddy's henchman secretly follows them. Whilst looking around, Barry finds his diary and they plan to recreate his movements to find the evidence for the Weather Machine. The first reconstruction of the previous events is they head down to his restaurant and eaten the food that the professor eats. Paul feels unwell and lets Barry down the trapdoor outside of his house to look for more clues, until Murk who is dressed as a plumber in disguise, tells them to keep away from the drain who he claims is health and safety issues. Paul and Barry travel to the satellite dish area for their third reconstruction, Barry then suspects that the conductor could be Maddy's Henchman, and Paul realises that they have been diddled by the conductor due to the wrong tickets.

Whilst Barry climbs up a satellite dish, Murk pursuits Barry up to the top, Paul moves the dish to knock Murk off, which causes Murk to rip out of his conductor uniform. Murk tries to steal the diary from Barry, Paul finally makes Murk fall off, taking the diary with him, except for a page that was torn off by Barry. Paul and Barry finds Murk's uniform and finally realises that the Murk was Maddy's henchman and make their way to the bus. The bus' driver mistakes Paul as the conductor and berates him for disappearing from the bus, handing out wrong tickets and out of uniform. The driver forces Paul to go into uniform and do the job, but refuses to let Barry on, due to the bus being full. The driver then tells Paul then he'll be watching him and the 216 bus is full of reputations, thus making Paul to work out the clue.

After Barry returns to the professor's home at night for the forth reconstruction in the professor's bedroom, he reads what's left on the content on this page, then a message appeared on the wall opposite and works out the clue as the bus 216's lights has lit up the message. After Paul tells the driver that he's not a real conductor, he reunites with Barry and tells him that he worked out the clue of the bus number. Barry shows Paul the clue he found in the professor's bedroom, before they have a chance to write it down, the message disappears as the bus leaves. They conclude that the 216 is the clue.