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The Chuckle Brothers celebrate 200 years since Australia was discovered.


Paul arranges his desk while searching for something and Barry sits on the desk messing it up. Paul then pushes him off and restores his desk back to its previous neat position. Then Paul explains to Barry about what the show is about and how Australia was discovered through Captain Cook.

Paul introduces the audience and heads to the library, where they discuss some reasonably irregular facts on Australia, while Barry asks about Ayres Rock, but Paul says they will come to it later and he hands over to the McChuckle Brothers talking to their Australian cousins. They are displayed upside down on the screen and they turn it round so they are the right way up. Then they talk to the audience and dismiss that they walk on their heads because they are on the other side of the world, but this is dismissed when Barry opens the milk and it goes upwards.

Back in the studio, they discuss the cork hat and compare it to the pom-pom hat and Barry brings in a goat, but Paul gives up and hands over to Armchair Theatre.

Back in the studio, they go to the board to discover the wildlife that live in Australia including the Kangaroo, Dingo, and Koala Bear. Then Paul flies to Australia and seats himself in front of the Sydney Opera House, but Barry walks in singing the Neighbours theme tune and gives away that they are still in the studio. Then they go and view the Australian bush and disturb the red throated spider, and Barry makes a boomerang out of wood, but Paul dismisses that it will come back, he throws it away and when it comes back, he admits unbelievably that it's a boomerang and hands back to the studio.

Back in the studio, Paul presents his Australian revelation and predicts that Australia was once joined to Scotland because they fit on the map and the similarities between a Scotsman's sporran and a Kangaroo's pouch. Barry remembers that Paul forgot Ayres Rock, but he thinks he is talking about sweet rock and promises to buy him some on the way home.