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Barry the Spider
14x09 Barry the Spider

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Written By

Emma Millions

Guest Starring

Dirk Robertson

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Mission Implausible

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The Hidden Genius

Part 9: Maddy has the ruby, the three components and the professor. There is nothing to stop her completing the machine, but Paul has an idea to stop her.


Maddy has now got the ruby, the three components and the professor. Paul and Barry visit the Professor's laboratory at his house to find more clues and any plans to foil her plans. Paul and Barry find his laboratory nearly vacant, except for his cat. Paul fiddles with a machine, which activates the transportation for the papers to go from one transport disc to another. When Paul is convinced by this, he tries it on Barry, but the cat is on a transport disc, causing Barry and the cat to switch bodies. Feeling remorseful, Paul attempts to place Barry back to his original body, but the cat in Barry's body flees at the sight of the spider, causing Barry to have the spider's body. Paul realises that he has all of Barry's molecules messed up, and the mischievous cat Barry has got out and started wreaking havoc to a milkman.

Paul placed the spider Barry in a matchbox for safe keeping. Whilst learning from the milkman about the cat Barry causing chaos to his milk float, Paul goes after him, accidentally leaving behind the Spider Barry on the milk float. The Milkman releases the spider Barry to the garden wall where the other spiders are, and crushes the matchbox. Paul tries to capture the cat Barry, but fails due to his tricks and the trouble he is causing. Paul eventually captures the cat Barry and realises he has left the spider Barry on the milk float. He catches up with the milk float and was dismayed that the matchbox and the spider Barry is crushed, but the milkman informs him that he is released the spider to a garden wall before leaving. Paul finds the spider Barry and returns to the professor's home. Paul finally restores Barry to his normal body. Paul and Barry then decide to leave for something to eat.


  • Whilst the cat Barry is causing havoc to the milk float off-screen, you can hear the glass shattering. But when the camera shot shows the milk float and the milk bottles lying on the floor, no milk bottles had been smashed.