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The Chuckle Brothers play cricket.


Paul finds a notice for professional bowlers being needed and Paul announces they are going into the Bowling business. Paul relives his bowling days and they head to the bowling green, but Barry comes dressed as "Bat-Man."

Paul then attempts to show Barry the ropes of bowling but as usual he gets confused and get's it all wrong.

They then head to the bowling alley and Paul get's Ten-Pin Bowling mixed up with bowling on the green. No Slacking turns up and he is in charge as usual. He tells Paul to go and changed out of his ridiculous clothing.

Paul then teaches Barry how to play, and Barry gets angry when Paul knocks his skittles down, but he explains to him that is meant to happen. They then get their balls and bring them to the ball shiner machine in which Barry's ball shrinks to the size of a marble. Once Barry gets a regular ball, he chucks it but forgets to let go off the ball resulting in him flying down the lane and into the skittles. Barry throws again but the pins are taken back up before the ball hits them. But they don't come back and when No Slacking comes to test the lanes, Paul tells Barry to make some others in which he made out of glass bottles.

No Slacking gets a phone call from the team captain and the team is coming early and he has no one to play against, so they volunteer. Barry get's the game wrong of course, but they win by chucking a bowling ball at the opposing teams. When No Slacking comes out to congratulate them, Barry drops the ball on his foot and breaks his toe, resulting in him chasing them off the green.


  • When Barry takes his ball out of the shiner machine, you can see the original ball inside the machine.


  • This was the first episode to use the current theme music in the opening titles, it was first used in the closing titles in "The Perils of Porters".
  • The bowling alley scenes were filmed in Hull, East Yorkshire. The name was changed from Hull Bowl to AMF Bowling Hull at some point.
  • The cricket scenes were filmed at Scarborough Cricket Club, possibly at the time of the Scarborough Cricket Festival.
  • One of the three episodes to be released on the Goofy Golfers VHS along with "Goofy Golfers" and "Plumb Crazy".
  • At the end of the episode, when the camera cuts to the spectators watching the cricket, Paul's son PJ can allegedly be seen sat on the bench.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Paul tells Barry that he bowled to Ian Botham at Lords - references to the famous real-life England cricketer. Although initially this sounds like one of Paul's lies, he admits to Barry that Botham scored a century off Paul's bowling, thereby raising the possibility that Paul was in fact telling the truth.