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Brothers in Law
Paul, Barry, and the Judge at court

Series Number:


Episode Number:


Original Airdate:

January 20th 1999

Written by:

Gail Renard

Guest Starring:

Douglas Fielding, John Rutland, & John Hocking

Previous Episode:

"One Man and his Barry"

Next Episode:

"Brazil Nuts"

A misunderstanding puts the Chuckle Brothers on the run from the law.


The Chuckles work for Dan The Van's new sewage service. Whilst working on a bank parking lot an incident with a jackhammer causes them to spring a leak in one of the pipes. Barry is able to fix it using a plaster so the two plan to get a new pipe to replace the broken one. Before setting off, the broken pipe springs a leak again causing a security guard to throw a bag of money on top of The ChuckMobile in shock. The two are none the wiser as they drive off.

A man observing the incident follows the two to return the money back to the bank. When the Chuckles return an inspector mistakes the two for returning to the scene of the crime. The two end up in a court case, the judge has yet to make a decision leaving the Chuckles to make their escape. Whilst the inspector watching over them gets a drink the two dress as judges to get out without being recognised.

Paul calls on Dan for legal advice, he suggest the two hide in the Sahara Desert and join the Foreign Legion until he is able to prove them innocent. The inspector searches for the two. Upon finding them he chases them through the town market. Meanwhile at the court, the witness proves Paul and Barry are innocent and it's revealed that the inspector is only trying to tell them the good news.

The Chuckles hide in a shop to get away from the inspector but they find themselves cornered on the roof. Before he is able to tell them the inspector see's how high up he is causing him to get dizzy due to his vertigo. During this the two run off again. The Chuckles decide they would rather go the jail than be wanted criminals. They go to the inspector to give themselves up but he explains the entire thing was all just a misunderstanding. Stressed from the experience the inspector takes Paul and Barry's tickets to the Sahara Desert. Relieved, The Chuckles decide to go home wondering how the entire misunderstanding happened. Just as said, the broken pipe the two were supposed to fix springs a leak again causing another bag of money to land on top of The ChuckMobile. Just as the episode ends, the inspector is seen dressed in a Foreign Legion uniform with a suitcase on his way to the Sahara.


  • Paul is called Ebeneezer Wyatt Chuckle in court.
  • Paul and Barry would later join the Foreign Legion in "Food for Fort" in the following series.
  • Second Series 11 episode shown on CBBC on Choice.
  • Part of the episode was filmed in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire.