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The Chuckle Brothers buy a caravan.


During a rainy day, Barry suggests the two buy a caravan to stay dry whenever they wanted to. The two then find an advert for caravan's for sale. They go in a field to park their new caravan but they collide with a tractor and the angry farmer isn't having any of it but eventually ends up tripping into the ground.

The Chucks find a nice place the park, Paul tells Barry to make a cup of tea but inside he's having a bit of trouble as the caravan keeps tipping over every time he goes to one side of the it, Barry solves the problem by placing books under the caravan, he reads one of the books "Caravan's For Beginners" and learns the solution is to use a tap. Paul tells Barry to get some water with a bucket and takes the kettle too, he then has to fill the water butt. After overly complicated method's Barry finally fills it up and gets back to the caravan.

He comes back with the water but theirs no tea so Paul suggests he wash the caravan, just as he goes down to the village for a cup of tea himself. Barry runs into the angry farmer who in turn throws him into the water butt. Another problem occurs as no water comes out of the tap, so Paul comes up with a complicated idea to get the water in the water butt though the tap, it backfires as Paul gets sprayed by water several times. The two enjoy a picnic, but the farmer's had enough so he sprays them with mud from the tractor, Paul decides it's time to find somewhere else to park the caravan.


  • First appearance of the Caravan.
  • First episode to air in 1992.
  • Only episode where the caravan is plain white. In the other Series 5 episodes it appears in, it has a red stripe in the middle of it and it is more smaller.
  • Certain scenes were filmed near Jasmine Caravan Park in Snainton, North Yorkshire.


Barry: Clever me!

Barry: Oh hello Paul. I've just been chatting to the farmer.

Paul: Oh really? What did he have to say?

Barry: (in water butt) Nothing much.