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The Chuckle Brothers look after an office.


Paul and Barry are looking after "Dan The Van International" offices. They sign themselves in but that doesn't go so well.

Paul is trying to talk while Barry keeps playing with the equipment as though they are toys. They are sent a fax by the printer company and the man can't come to install it for two days, so Paul volunteers to install it.

Paul tries to cheat the vending machine by inserting a coin attached to his trouser, and he forgets to take it out resulting in them ripping and revealing his Polka-Dot Boxers.

Barry starts to unpack the boxes and has a play around with the typewriter. Barry manages to hypnotise himself with Paul's coin. Barry then get's a drink from the vending machine and cups keep emerging from the machine. Paul scares Barry with noises and makes him think it was a burglar. After the joke, a real squeaky noise screams out and they start to get scared and go and investigate. He tells Barry to turn the lights off and he turns the sprinklers on. They find a note from Dan saying that he has moved to Spain and they want him to look after his pet, Pat The Cat. They both then "Pat" The Cat."


"Dan van Int, no Dan Van ain't! Who was it? The man on the other side of the line!"

"Thank Goodness it Was Only You!"

"What Do You Think You're Doing? You Could Have Caused Me Serious Injury Then!"