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The Chuckle Brothers fit in a new carpet for Mrs. Blenkinsop.


Paul and Barry become carpet fitters and their first job is at Mrs Blenkinsop's. When they arrive, they learn that she's out, so the two do the job while she is away. Inside Paul eats all the donuts while Barry does the hard work like usual, Barry opens the parrots cage for some fresh air, Barry tries to get the carpet through the door but it will not fit at the angle so him and Paul try to get it in through the window but the window is closed so he puts the carpet on the windowsill, when he opens the window Paul falls over because he is opening the carpet.

They get the carpet in but Barry breaks the curtains and Paul breaks the sofa, Paul realises they haven't taken out the old carpet. They do so and put in the new carpet, but Barry gets stuck which culminates in Paul having to cut a hole in the carpet to get him out. Paul decides to take some of the door off to get the carpet under it and whilst sawing the door, he ends up sawing the cupboard too.

Even though the room is a mess, almost everything is broken, there's a hole in the carpet and Paul and Barry still call it a job well done. Paul notices the budgies missing due to Barry leaving the door open, he see's a little bump in the carpet and thinks its been squashed but it turns out its just a doughnut. Won't Mrs Blenkingsop be proud?


  • This episode is one of the meanest Paul has ever been to Barry - eating all the donuts, even pinching the last one Barry got for himself, drinking all the tea, blaming everything on Barry and doing even less work than usual.
  • This episode is located at the same house which featured in Plumb Crazy.
  • Although Barry mentions Bruce Forsyth (The Generation Game), Bruce himself did not appear As a guest star in in ChuckleVision.