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The Chuckle Brothers learn how to become butlers.


Paul and Barry arrive at an office building to deliver sandwiches from their business and bump into the chairman while delivering, trapping him in the corridor. They also cause more havoc for the man on their way up to the top floor and set up their sandwiches in a buffet in his office and end up destroying the buffet while answering the phone trapped under the table and run off. 

They pack in the business and drive to a place to learn how to become butlers, and the women in charge starts to teach Paul and Barry how to become butlers. She tells them not to answer back and they fail to answer the register. She teaches them how to inform each person by their appropriate title. Later on she makes them announce her arrival through the door, Paul does it correctly, but he slams the door in her face and when Barry opens the door she falls through.

Then she makes them roll out the red carpet, but they roll in out too early and she ends up folded up underneath it. Next she gets them to clean the cutlery and utensils. But when she asks to 'see her face in it' they stick her head in it.

Afterwards, they set off to go to a mans house to become butlers and start preparing his breakfast, while Barry irons his papers and Paul prepares the porridge. Then they head upstairs with his breakfast. They head into his bedroom and find he is in his shower, and they lay out all his clothes on the bed on top of the breakfast and stain his jacket and shake it out covering His Lordship (who is revealed to be the chairman from the office building) in food, they make him sit on his bed on top of his breakfast. When he realises it is the Chuckle Brothers he attempts to call security. Paul offers to pull the cord harder and ends up collapsing the top of the bed onto His Lordship. They then run out of the mansion quickly.


  • Final episode written by Nick McIvor.
  • The episode was partially filmed at Stoneleigh Abbey in Warwickshire.