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The Chuckle Brothers run their own mobile supermarket.


The Chuckles have been shopping and Paul is annoyed Barry bought 14 boxes of cereal. They see a sign on a van saying win a supermarket as the millionth customer.

Paul tries to count the customers but loses count when Barry distracts him, and they get in line when there is only 10 customers to go, they distract an old woman and move up in the queue. When they are brought out to observe the shop, they work out the manager is talking about the van and they take it home. They work out they need food and go back to the supermarket and fill their trolleys and fill up the van. They start to drive it around the streets. They then realise that they need to stick the items to the stalls so they don't keep falling off. Paul then sends Barry out to collect some stray trolleys and he finds a lot. Paul then starts to advertise with a jingle and attracts attention but when he brings his cakes out, they walk away.

An old lady waves them down thinking it is a bus, and she climbs into the trolley and they drive off with her in it. They stop and find her and introduce her to the store. Paul announces she has won a trolley dash and he nails all the stuff to the shelves. Surprisingly, she manages to detach all the shelves and walks off leaving them surprised.

They then decide they need to go to the customers and go to a man's house and waft sausage through his window and he admits he is a vegetarian. They then go to a park and Barry sits in between two women with a roast dinner and tries to attract attention but the trolleys detach from the van. Paul follows them to another store, but when he returns, they have lots of attention, and Barry reveals Paul has parked right across the entrance to the supermarket.