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There have been many crew on ChuckleVision from Cameramen to Producers and Writers to Designers


ChuckleVision has had loads of writers including the Chuckle Brothers themselves. But the most famous of writers is John Sayle.

John Sayle[]

Writer: Series 1-Series 21 (1987-2009)

John Sayle has been working with the Chuckle Brothers before ChuckleVision. He wrote all of the episodes of the ChuckleHounds and was the credited writer of Series 1 & 2 of ChuckleVision. He wrote most of the episodes of Series 3 except for a few new writers coming in at that time. He has written right up until the latest series in which he wrote "Cops and Jobbers."

Terry Randall[]

Writer: Series 3-Series 5 (1989-1992)

Terry Randall although he is best known for his appearances in ChuckleVision also wrote some episodes from Series 3 onwards. He wrote "Poster Pranks", "Oddball Inventors", and "Minibus Madness" in which he starred himself.

Julian Dutton[]

A well known writer of ChuckleVision, he has written a majority of the newer episodes of ChuckleVision. His latest is "See How They Run" for Series 21.

Russell T. Davies[]

Writer: Series 5 (1992-1993) Most known for writing the newer Doctor Who episodes he wrote 3 episode of ChuckleVision all of which were in series 5. The episodes he wrote were A Lazy Day, Rich For A Day and Spooks And Gardens.

Nick McIvor[]

Writer Series 6- Series 7 (1994-1995) He wrote most of the episode for Series 6 and some of series 7.

Philip Hazelby & Ramsey Gilderdale[]

A famous writing pair on ChuckleVision. They always wrote the episode together it seems and they were both credited together in the credits. They also made separate appearances in ChuckleVision on numerous occasions.

Rory Clark[]

Another famous writer, his first episode was in Series 6 and he wrote many episodes from then on.


Martin Hughes[]

Producer & Director Series 1-Series 16 (1987-2004) (Credited as producer/director)

The most famous Producer and Director on ChuckleVision, he produced most of the episodes and directed them occasionally. He has been with the Chuckles before ChuckleVision. He produced all the episodes of the ChuckleHounds. He also produced all the episodes and also directed a majority of episodes of ChuckleVision From Series 1 to 18. In which after he retired.

Ian Bate (Graphics)[]

He most famously designed the current and most famous ChuckleVision titles back in 1989. He doesn't seem to be around much these days. 

Executive Producers[]

From Series 17, executive producers were credited instead of producers and directors overall. The first executive producer credited was Anne Gilchrist (Series 17) (2005) and from Series 18 Joe Godwin was credited as Executive Producer (2006-2009)