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Although ChuckleVision has been successful on screen and stage, the show has not produced much merchandise including DVD's up until last year because the BBC have refused to give the rights to release it onto DVD.

In 2011 Delta Leisure Entertainment bought the rights for Series One and released two individual DVD's based on two holidays on 26 September. A further boxset was announced during August 2011, featuring all 13 episodes of Series One for release on 24 October. Series Two was confirmed for release in October 2012.

DVD Releases[]

Halloween/Christmas (Series 1) DVDs[]

Two DVD's were announced to both have 3 episodes from Series 1, and one episode each of them revolved around the holidays of Christmas and Halloween.

The Complete Series 1 Box Set (2011)[]

A Complete boxset of Series One was advertised for pre-order on Amazon and released 24 October 2011. The main theme of the box was based around the titles of Series One and Two and a short synopsis of the series is featured on the back.

It was re-released by Simply Media on 25 July 2016.

Chucklevision boxset

The layout of The Series One Boxset released in October.

The Complete Series 2 Box Set (2012)[]

Series 2 was released by Delta Media on 29th October 2012.

It was re-released by Simply Media on 29 August 2016.

ChuckleVision The Complete Series Two DVD Boxset

The artwork for the Series Two Boxset.

Series 3 DVD & Future Releases (2016-)[]

On 13th June 2016, it was confirmed that DVD company SimplyMedia had acquired the rights to release all the series of ChuckleVision on DVD, starting with a re-release of Series 1 and 2 in Summer 2016, followed by Series 3. They currently have no plans to release the other series as of present.

DVD Title Discs Year Region 2 (Release Date)
The Complete Series 1 4 1987 24 October 2011 (Delta Media)/ 25 July 2016 (Simply Media)
The Complete Series 2 4 1988-1989 29 October 2012 (Delta Media)/29 August 2016 (Simply Media)
The Complete Third Series 1 1989-1990 17th April 2017

Past Merchandise[]

Goofy Golfers VHS[]

A VHS was released in 1993 with three episodes from Series 4. These episodes, were, in order, Goofy Golfers (also the name of the VHS), Plumb Crazy, and Bowl-Derdash.

It would be another 18 years before any further ChuckleVision episodes would be released on home media - the Series 1 DVD.


The Goofy Golfers VHS Cover

Stage Show DVDs[]

Three stage shows were released to DVD by Liberation Entertainment. They were filmed at various venues across the UK, including Blackpool and Darlington.

The first was "Pirates of the River Rother", which actually toured in 2005 but was released on DVD in mid 2007. It came with a limited edition eyepatch.

This was followed later that same year by "Spooky Goings On 2", shortened simply to "Spooky Goings On" for the DVD cover. Like the previous release, you received a limited edition gift - a pumpkin frisbee.

The most recent tour committed to DVD was "Indiana Chuckles and the Kingdom of the Mythical Sulk" in 2008. This didn't include any free gifts. Shortly afterwards, Liberation Entertainment went out of business and, as of yet, there have been no further releases of the stage shows to DVD..

"The Chuckle Brothers in Trouble" was released on a very rare limited run VHS in 1996, and later on DVD in 2008.

The Chuckle Brothers in Trouble

To You To Me CD/Tape (1995)[]

There was both a CD and a cassette tape release in 1995 of songs sung by the Chuckle Brothers. The music was commissioned and produced by Daybreak Music, with the involvement of ChuckleVision's music composer Dave Cooke. The CD and the tape have both long been out of print, but copies occasionally appear for sale on eBay, as well as the tracks themselves being uploaded on YouTube.

The tracks were as follows:

1. Silly Me Silly You

2. Dance With The Man

3. Chu Chu Chuckle

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To You To Me CD Album Cover

4. Oi You!!!

5. On The Beach

6. Eat Your Greens

7. Shake The Barn

8. Really

9. No Slacking

10. To You, To Me

11. Shark Attack

ChuckleVision Soundtrack iTunes (by Dave Cooke)[]

Full Article: ChuckleVision Incidental Music Soundtracks

Six soundtracks were released in total between 2014 and 2020, featuring music from Series 4-21. They are available to digitally download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other outlets.

ChuckleVision 'Unreleased' Annual (1990's)[]

A very rare ChuckleVision annual was apparently released sometimes in the 1990's but it hasn't been seen in any charity shop or on eBay. After talking with Bernard Bale of Beeline Media Pubslishing, it was discovered that the annual was never released. But the company were considering releasing a new annual in 2012, because of the brothers ongoing popularity. However, the idea of the annual was discarded in favour of releasing the Chuckle Brothers' autobiography instead.

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The unreleased ChuckleVision annual from the 1990's

Chuckle Brothers Autobiography 'Fifty Years of To Me To You' (2014)[]

Over the years, the Chuckle Brothers have mentioned an ongoing biography of theirs to be released. It has supposed to have been written by Stuart Clarkson, but never published and each year less hope has been given to its publication. But Beeline Media have been in talks with the Chuckle Brothers and have given a release date for the biography for November 2013 and is to be released by book publisher's Worlds Fair.

The book was released on 18th April 2014 under the title: 'The Chuckle Brothers: Fifty Years of To Me To You' and is a biography written partly by Paul himself and features lots of information on the brother's lives from their perspective.

Available to buy from here


The Chuckle Brothers' Biography: '50 Years of To Me To You'