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29th September 2007


  1. 4x06 Market Forces
  2. 4x08 Bowl-Derdash
  3. 4x09 Careless Caretakers
  4. 4x10 Carpet Capers
  5. 4x11 Shore Thing
  6. 5x01 Caravan Capers
  7. 5x04 Ducks and Grouses
  8. 5x08 Romany Days
  9. 5x10 Rich for a Day
  10. 5x11 Runners and Riders
  11. 6x05 The Bells
  12. 6x12 Airport Assistance
  13. 8x06 Chucklestein
  14. 8x12 Finders Keepers
  15. 9x02 High Jinx
  16. 9x03 Chuckles in Charge
  17. 9x05 Wheels of Misfortune
  18. 9x06 Paint Drips
  19. 9x08 Loch Aye
  20. 9x10 Oh Dear What Can the Mattress Be
  21. 9x11 Shipwrecked
  22. 9x12 Put Up Job
  23. 9x14 Clowning Around
  24. 10x01 The Perils of Petrovich
  25. 10x02 Gold Rush
  26. 10x03 New Pages
  27. 10x04 Outward Bounders
  28. 10x05 The Shout
  29. 10x06 Flat Broke
  30. 10x07 Safari Park Keepers
  31. 10x08 Stop That Stamp
  32. 10x09 A Night at the Theatre
  33. 10x10 Auto-Manics
  34. 10x11 Indiana Chuckles
  35. 10x12 Sleepwalker
  36. 10x13 Big Foot
  37. 10x14 Waiting for Dan
  38. 10x15 The Gathering
  39. 11x08 Stargazing
  40. 11x14 In the Soup
  41. 16x01 For Peat's Sake


  • Most of ChuckleVisions uploads have been removed by the BBC and they have been reuploaded by ChuckleVision TV and MicroChuckleBoy.
  • ChuckleVisions had a second channel but the BBC took down the channel when they did the purge for episodes.
  • ChuckleVisions was the first serious uploader of Chucklevision episodes, in the early days of YouTube between 2006 and 2007. He left a notice on his channel in late 2007 (since deleted when YouTube changed channel formats) stating that he would no longer upload episodes due to a busy work life and the time-consuming nature of converting episodes from VHS to digital format.

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