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Chuckle and Hide
Chuckle and Hyde

Series Number:


Episode Number:


Original Airdate:

March 3rd 1999

Written by:

John Sayle

Guest Starring:

David Barber

Previous Episode:

"Getting the Bird"

Next Episode:

"Mountain Excitement"

While working at a laboratory, Barry starts to behave very strangely.


A security guard walks out of his building and polishes the gate proudly. The Chuckles arrive in the ChuckleMobile and Paul impatiently and authoritatively asks to be let through to which the security guard asks for ID and Paul identifies themselves on a list and the guard reluctantly allows them through.

In the lab, Paul and Barry are hiding behind sandbags anticipating an explosion and Paul experiments with the different chemicals. Barry is mixing a solution and asks Paul whether it is safe and Paul assures him that it is. Barry tastes some and starts turning green and turns into a werewolf-like creature. He denies Paul's orders and annoys him, before throwing Paul out of the window onto the guard. The security guard gets annoyed at Paul and sticks a brush between his arms.

Back in the lab, Barry has turned back to normal and wonders what happened. Paul becomes concerned about Barry and tells him to sit down and relax, and Paul tells him he will get him anything he wants. Barry takes this advantage and requests Paul for tea and biscuits. Paul goes to gets biscuits, but the guard refuses him access through the gate.

Barry eats the mixture again and turns back into the creature and he throws Paul out the window and onto the security guard who gets covered in cake. Barry returns to normal and Paul checks him out, then he turns back into the creature and throws Paul out the window for the third time, this time missing the guard. The guard roughs him up again and Paul returns with the mixture, annoying the security guard purposely to test the reaction. Instead, Paul is left with a high-pitched voice and gets roughed up again by the security guard.

Paul tells Barry of his plan and tells him to eat the mixture. Paul goes downstairs to annoy the security guard and brings him upstairs and chases him around the building. Back in the lab, the guard takes the mix and his voice changes into a posh British one and he throws them both out of the window, then they decide to go home.


  • The episode is a rare one, one of the few episodes not present on YouTube until very recently.
  • Sixth of nine Series 11 episodes repeated on CBBC on Choice.