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The Chuckle Brothers run a holiday camp with No Slacking as their guest.


Paul and Barry are looking after Dan the Van's holiday camp and Paul ignores a strict note left by the manager. No Slacking arrives at the holiday camp just as Paul and Barry are talking to a women with a baby who punches Barry resulting in him flying head first into the pram and crashing into No Slacking through an apartment and covering him in candyfloss.

Paul and Barry plan to show him to his apartment and when they find out his apartment is the one they destroyed, Paul sends Barry off to fix the apartment while Paul distracts No Slacking in the games room.

Barry finishes the apartment and they lead him towards it until they find out he wants a sea view and Paul shoves him in a cupboard and tells Barry to put a projector in there. They bring him to the room and No Slacking is very happy by his apartment until a shark appears in the projector and he comes out screaming refusing to go into the apartment again.

Paul and Barry decide to put him in a caravan and the baby in the pram throws ice cream at him and he walks over to the brothers presuming it was them and puts ice creams on their noses and they proceed to tip the entire ice cream tub over his head.

No Slacking likes his caravan and panics the brothers when he announces he wants to go swimming and they proceed to move it towards the swimming pool but push it too hard and end up chasing it and stopping it down at the swimming pool. No Slacking emerges from his caravan and falls into the pool and has to be rescued by Barry via his inflatable 'Prendegast.'

The baby pulls the stopper out of the inflatable and No Slacking goes flying around the swimming pool. Paul and Barry pop down the shops to buy him a new inflatable which he doesn't wants. They receive a parking ticket which Paul refuses to pay, and they go to court where the judge is none other than No Slacking, and they are put in jail where Paul plans their escape route.


  • The woman is listening to songs from the Chuckle Brothers album "To You To Me" on her Walkman.
  • The episode guest stars Bernadette Nolan who was one of the Nolan Sisters in a band in the 1980's.
  • Like Monkery Business No Slacking Does Not Use His Catchphrase.