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The Chuckmobile is the main source of transportation used by the Chuckle Brothers in ChuckleVision.

It is a two seated bike with a hood, wing mirrors, headlights and a licence plate with the number "CHUCKLE 1" on it.

It is usually ridden by Barry, while Paul puts up his feet on the bar, though he usually pedals with Barry when they are trying to escape and has been seen riding in the driving seat himself. It is also used for carrying certain items they need when they are doing a job such as tools or cans of paint (sometimes even carried in a trailer attached to the bike). They also had a sign painted on the back usually saying "CHUCKLE BROTHERS" or the name of the job they were doing.

The Chuckmobile was altered as the series progressed with the seating, steering wheel position and pedals changing.

The Chuckmobile is Paul and Barry's most cherished possession and they were heartbroken in the episode, Auto-Manics, when they were forced to sell it to their boss, but they eventually got it back much to their delight.

Paul in the Chuckmobile

Paul in a picture from Twitter seated in the Chuckmobile.

Paul Elliott who played Paul Chuckle sent a picture on Twitter of himself seated on the bike which is shown that the Chuckmobile actually belonged to the brothers in real life.