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Clock Shop Time Machine

Paul using the time machine in time travellers.

The Clock Shop Time Machine is a time machine Paul and Barry use in Time Travellers, they may also use it in other episodes but isn't seen beyond said episode.


Its only real appearance was in Time Travellers where Paul attaches all the clocks together resulting in him accidentally making a time machine, the two go into the Renaissance Age then the Future and finally the Stone Age.

Although not seen in any other episodes the time machine could possibly still be used as Paul because in episodes like Knights To Remember and Purple Pimple they are back in time with no actual reason. In may also have been used for Chuck Bodgers, Henry VIII and his 7th Chuckle, Sherwood Chuckle and The Mystery of Little-Under-Standing. Since they seem to use some modern words in those episodes but also use older words to adapt to the times.