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The Chuckle Brothers have to solve a murder.


Paul and Barry are going camping with Dan The Van's tent they set up camp but a strong wind blows it away and they take cover in a hotel. They are fronted by a butler and are let in by their fake names. They meet the other people and find out there is an intruder in the house, the lights then go out and the women's necklace is stolen. They start investigating and quickly suspect the butler and ask him some questions but they don't succeed. They start on dinner and the lights go out again and when they come back on the Major is dead.

They are taken to their rooms and they change out of their wet clothes and the maid comes in to take them, Barry gets some pyjamas from the wardrobe and a dead body falls out. The butler comes in and tells them to come downstairs and shows them the chef dead in the pot. They return and a note comes under the door telling them to open it, when they see nothing they turn around and the body is gone. Then another women comes to the door and takes them to her room where someone has written some threatening words in red lipstick: YOUR NEXT The butler comes in and corrects the grammar. They return to their room and put on their clothes and try to escape but are caught by the butler. They then work out the butler did it. They then find out it was a set up and that the hotel held a Murder Weekend. They leave and wander around a field to try and find their tent and they see it trapped in a tree. Barry get's a stick to try and get it down and they get drenched with the water inside it.