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The Chuckle Brothers go to Spain.


Paul and Barry arrive in Spain and Barry has brought a toilet with him, much to Paul's annoyance. They head to customs where the man looks through their luggage and retrieves a pair of Barry's boxers which he puts back quickly in annoyance. Then he checks their passports and starts to laugh at Paul's. On checking the toilet, he puts a cross on it, but Barry starts to play noughts and crosses, before leaving quickly.

They run to catch a coach but miss it so have to walk there themselves. Whilst on there way, they re-read a letter from Dan who has lent them his apartment while he is in America. They ask a Spanish man for the apartment and he directs them.

Paul sits down immediately while Barry fits the toilet, which doesn't go to plan and Paul meets Dan's pet Lemming Lenard. Then Barry starts to water the plants, but wets the man downstairs so Paul decides to let the awning down, but forgets it rained that morning and soaks the man downstairs. Inside, Paul gets Barry back to work on the toilet, while he tries to watch some TV, but fails to get the satellite to work, then he notices the Lemming has escaped and it jumps down the toilet, so Paul hits the toilets which ruins the plumbing.

Out in town, Paul buys an air pump to suck the Lemming out, but ends up once again drenching the man downstairs in his own bathroom. He comes up the stairs and as they open the door, Lenard escapes back into his own cage, while the Spanish man instantly dislikes them and walks out, then they decide to go home. But Barry doesn't want to go by plane so they think of another mode of transport.

Paul gets a pedal boat, but Barry instantly tells Paul he won't go in it, until he tells him Rotherham are playing in England and they pedal back, arguing over whether they closed Leonard's cage or not.


  • Barry mentions EastEnders when Paul complains about the satellite not working. Following that, the theme tune was briefly heard when the man downstairs watches the said show on satellite while drying off.