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The Chuckle Brothers attempt to stop a burgler.


On their way to the bank, Paul and Barry unknowingly stop a burgler from a robbery in progress. They decide they should catch criminals more often, just as said they see a man climbing up a ladder into a house window, the two suspect him to be a robber and try to phone the police but they can't find a phonebooth so instead Paul suggests they stop the burgler themselves.

They climb up the ladder into the house and Barry thinks the burgler is in the room so Paul makes him run in and distract him, they figure out it was the squeaky hamsters wheel. They hear a noise downstairs and think its the burgler, they see him and they hide as he comes out.

The two come up with a plan, Barry gets the burgler to chase him and Paul hides in a door, when the burgler comes near the door Paul will open it. Paul breaks the doorhandle so Barry ends up being chased round the house, eventually Paul gets the door open and knocks the burgler out. They drag him into the living room and Paul calls the police, the burgler wakes up and tells them he's a policeman the two don't believe him until he gives them his ID, he tells them he locked himself outside and had to climb into the window upstairs to get in, the officer angry chases them down the street.


  • Don't see why the officer was so annoyed with Paul and Barry, he climbs in a window (even if it's his own house) and he doesn't think anyone will be suspicious?


Barry: Oh is that the queen, and the whole royal family in a great precision coming right past the house, there's horses and carriges and a big brass band and there's planes going overhead.

Paul: Barry!

Barry: And a spaceship's landed and little green men are coming up the garden path.

Paul: A Burgler!

Barry: What are we going to do?

Paul: Keep calm and call the police!