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The Chuckle Brothers attempt to do some D.I.Y.


Paul enters the room and grabs a hammer and nail and hammers it into the wall to hang his coat on. He then turns to the audience and introduces the show, he points out the basic requirements of wallpapering your room and they head off to the D.I.Y shop to get some supplies.

When they arrive, Barry is having trouble getting a trolley out of the stack and an old women comes along and takes one out for him and he heads inside. As Barry starts to drag the trolley around the store it gets gradually larger before he can hardly push it. Paul hands over to Armchair Theatre while they get everything ready back in the studio.

Back in the studio, Paul is battling with a collapsing table that keeps collapsing. Barry then comes in with the paste and Paul tells him to set up the table and they return to the studio. Paul tells Barry the decorator won't come and do the job and Barry volunteers himself for the job which Paul accepts.

Paul starts with insulation on the patio doors and introduces "ChuckleGlass" which is soundproof when Barry is tickled with a feather, but he ends up walking through it when he can't open the door. Paul introduces a onsight report with brickwork using pointers which he throws away and it ends up smashing a greenhouse, they both run away. Back in the studio Paul hands over to Glazing Expert Simon Lovell.

Back in the studio, Paul has some Tomato Soup which when he is talking to the audience, he spills on the wall after tripping on a carpet, when Barry comes in wondering what it is, Paul heads back to the studio to answer the helpful hotline. He picks up the phone but there is no one there so he answers a letter instead and hands to the McChuckle Brothers to answer it. As it is about lowering the lighting, Dougal gets the light switch and moves it down the wall to the floor.

Paul is wondering why the phone isn't working and Barry tells him he cut the cord to make it more trendy. They head back to the "Showhouse" and start to paint the walls until one half of the wall is red and the other half is yellow, they then realise they got the wrong colours but they don't mind and adapt to it. They then lay the carpet and Barry moves the wall forwards so it meets up with it. Paul and Barry say goodbye and head out of the room but when trying to close the door, it gets stuck and after some tugging it falls off, and they both lean forward and look at the camera.