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ChuckleVision Series 1 was released onto DVD for the first time 26th September 2011, 24 years after the original broadcast. Thanks to the popularity of these DVDs Series Two and Three have been confirmed for next year. However Delta only released Series 2 in 2012 and decided due to low sales they won't be releasing series 3. Simply Media have now taken over from them and we may be seeing more DVDs in the future.

Halloween & Christmas DVD (September 2011)[]

Two DVDs were released 26th September 2011 featuring three episodes of Series three on each. They were released incomplete like this because of episodes Halloween & Christmas, these DVDs could be sold easily and could be "Granny Pick Up's" meaning a Granny could go into the shop, pick it up and buy it for their grandchildren, adding to the cartoons on the front of the cover. Both DVDs are presented with a picture of the Chuckle Brothers on the front (Both are not from the relevant Series) with the ChuckleVision & BBC logo in the background accompanied by cartoons relevant to the subject of the DVD. Otherwise both pictures of the Chuckles are from Series 6. The Halloween picture being from Headline News & the Christmas picture from Mystery Tour.

Chucklvision dvd

Halloween DVD

Chucklevision dvd 2

Christmas DVD

ChuckleVision Complete Series One Boxset (October 2011)[]

Almost a month later (24th October) Delta Leisure Entertainment released a boxset of the complete series one which was presented in a box with a picture of the Chuckle Brothers on the front and the ChuckleVision logo and BBC logo in the background. The box contains four slimline DVD cases with four DVD covers similar to the ones above, with the ones above slightly modifed on this release. Inside are featured pictures of each of the episodes in order although some of the names of the episodes are slightly shortened. A synopsis of the Series is featured on the back of the boxset as well as the region of the dvd's & other various specifications.

Chucklevision boxset

Series One Boxset

Menu's & Special Features[]

The menu's on the DVD are designed like the ChuckleVision logo of that time but updated, like the design on the dvd's. The ChuckleVision Logo comes spinning in and is followed by the Play All & Episode Selection words. A remixed version of the ChuckleVision theme tune is used on the menu's which is extracted from the Breakfast Telly credits.

No Special Features are included on the DVDs because the series is so old the BBC apparently haven't kept any old footage, even outtakes. Delta have tried but the BBC have nothing to give them. They hope to put Special Features on future releases however they will no longer be releasing anymore DVDs.

ChuckleVision Menu

The Series 1 menu layout