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Part 12: The Chuckle Brothers believe they have found a Magic Lamp with a genie inside.

Do As You Are Bid
14x12 Do As You Are Bid

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Written By

George Poles & Simon Littlefield

Guest Staring

Susanna Meese, Michael Jayes

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In exchange for a decoy ruby to flush out the thief Dan the Van gives Paul and Barry an antique lamp to sell at an auction hall with faulty lighting. The female electrician come to mend it is called Jeannie and the brothers assume that, since each time they rub the lamp she appears, that she is a genie. They squabble for ownership of the lamp before Jeannie explains the truth, which results the brothers to accidentally drop the lamp into the generator, blackening out the auction hall, causing the owner of the antique hall to throw Paul and Barry out. They leave defeated until Jeannie later buys the remains of the lamp after it gets twisted as a result from wrecking the generator and becomes a 'back scratchier'.


This episode is one of only three where Dan the Van is actually seen (his arm is shown reaching out of the car window to pass the brothers the lamp). It is the only episode in which he - or at least part of him - is shown fully (in Steeple Chucks he is hidden by the armed guards, and in Bringing Home Dan he is covered completely in bandages).