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The Chuckle Brothers look for ducks and grouses.


Paul has created the Chuckle Mark I Shower Unit and Barry has a go it in. But the tank doesn't work and Paul bangs it with his hammer, resulting in the shower head turning around and squirting Paul's head with water. Barry gets a phone call and is told to help find the "Yellow Bat Botty Wiggler" a very rare duck and there is a big cash prize on offer to take a picture of it.

In the morning, Barry leaves Paul a letter saying he has set off for an early start, so Paul decides to follow him and find some ducks. Paul finds Barry, and they go off to create a duck call.

He emerges with a giant horn, which makes a terrible racket. They use their shower cubicle as a hyde. They use a plastic duck to try and attract it, but it sinks, Barry finds a cork to hold it up in the water and it works. But when they get into their boat it starts to sink. Another duck spotter comes along and tells the Chuckles to clear off, they move to the other side of the river and Paul warns him to keep his hands off their Bottywiggler. They find the bird but it flies off and Paul sounds the Duckcall which brings it back and Barry takes some photos of it.

They go to the gazette to claim their prize and find out that the other Duckwatcher is in charge, and he tells them they have forgotten their duck call, and they pedal off in the ChuckMobile.


  • When the Chuckles are pushing the caravan up the hill you can see other crew members feet pushing it underneath the caravan.