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The Chuckle Brothers talk about the history of farming.


Paul comes in and sees Barry is not around, so he locks the door with a big padlock, but he appears already inside and Paul becomes disappointed.

Paul introduces the show and starts with primitive man (portrayed by Barry) digging on a beach for food and planting seeds. Then Paul demonstrates how to plant a seed potato. Barry plants it and Paul demonstrates crop rotation, roating the crop literally. Moving onto the middle ages, Paul portrays a king, while Barry the servant digs in the background. Afterwards, servant Barry presents King Paul with his share of corn, but he asks for some and is given some microscopic seeds, but he presumes he will be cold and gives him a bag to keep his knees warm instead.

Back in the studio, Paul presents farm machinery including a seed drill and a combine harvester, he tries to explain it all to Barry, but he gives up. Then they present the McChuckle brothers showing how to make butter by putting milk into a barrel and spinning it around and afterwards they present a block of butter and dance happily. Back in the studio, Barry is eating a slice of bread with the butter on it and Paul hands over to Armchair Theater.

Back in the studio, Paul and Barry present a map of the world, the wrong way round at first and explain how you get better farms from wetter plains. Then they go and check out a model farm and play with it for a while until Paul notices the shepherds crook (being a burgler) and Paul shows him a real one and drags Barry with it.

They go out to a real farm and observe all the animals including pigs, horses, ducks and a goat. Paul has a summary on the future of farming and Barry is dragging a cow. Eventually Paul works out it's a bull and they start to panic. Barry waves something red and they run off and the cow is revealed to be a baby.