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Paul tries to get Barry into shape.


Paul is on the phone when Barry comes in and thinks the show is about making him fatter and comes in with a plate of cakes. Paul corrects him that it is about Fitness, Barry walks off and Paul starts to sneakily eat the cakes on the plate.

Paul introduces the show and the camera reveals Barry eating a hamburger and Paul throws it away. He then quotes him as a physical wreck and introduces the audience to his Exercise Program. Paul then takes a picture of Barry with his camera but it takes a few tries. He then tells him to get his exercise kit on so they can jog down to the Chemist with the film. Paul gets Barry to warm up and jog, but his trousers fall down so he ties them up with the skipping rope. They then head outside with Paul on his bike and Barry jogging along side. Barry speeds up and runs ahead, followed by Paul. Then they both collapse on the grass. They then head down to Barney's Gym, and Barry has a go on some of the equipment, but most of it he uses in the wrong ways. They head back to the studio and Barry is exhausted and Paul hands over to Armchair Theatre.

Paul welcomes the audience back and Barry steps on his wire and he almost falls backwards. He introduces the second part of the resume, Paul reveals two weight lifters his with small weights and Barry's with huge weights. Paul shows Barry what to do, but when he tries his arms stretch out and Paul hands over to Medical Expert Simon Lovell.

Paul moves onto Part 3 of his Fitness Resume and tells the audience that Barry will be boxing and fighting Mighty Mike Muscles Malone, although Barry isn't happy with the idea.

Paul introduces the match with Barry and The Mighty Mike Muscles Malone (A Punchbag with a face) and starts Round 1. Barry wins the round by pulling Mike's shorts down to pull himself up with. The bell rings for Round 2 but after a few seconds he runs out of the ring because he really annoys him by telling him Paul wasn't going to pay him. Paul then runs off scared.

Paul announces the end of the show and shows the before and after pictures which are exactly the same. They say goodbye and then help themselves to the fast food.