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Flat And Apartmental
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Written By

John Sayle

Guest Starring

Peter Gale as Carrington-Smythe and Duncan Faber as the Flower Man

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Trouble At The Mill

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On the Hoof

Part 3: The Chuckle Brothers discover that Tatlock wasn't the culprit it so they move on to the next suspect, Carrington-Smythe. When he goes out they search his Hi-Tech apartment.


The Chuckle Brothers are posing as flower salesmen in order to look for culprits. Mr Carrington-Smythe sees them through his telescope and leaves his high-technology voice command flat. Paul and Barry see Carrington-Smythe coming out and hide behind the stall putting flowers in front of their faces for disguise, When Carrington-Smythe asks for lilies, Barry brings the flowers to him but spills the seeds onto Carrington-Smythe's camel-hair coat. Barry almost exposes himself but Paul steps in and gives Carrington-Smythe a buttonhole for Carrington-Smythe's request. He leaves as the brothers found his keys, and enter the flat. The brothers search around, getting into contact with the voice command objects. While Paul tries to bypass the system, Barry becomes suspicious when the telescope is placed on the flower stall. The system malfunctions and Paul then attempts to shut it down, They sit on the bed until they feel heat increasing causing the fire-sprinklers to go off. Barry goes back to the stall for buckets, Paul throws a mugful of water on the doorman by accident who goes inside. The brothers also accidentally throw water on Carrington-Smythe who asks the doorman for spare keys. Paul manages to switch off the system and about to flee until Carrington-Smythe enters. When he tells the brothers about the Runnemede Ruby, Paul thinks he stole it, until Carrington-Smythe reveals he's the head of MI7, He tells them that the ruby can be used for a top-secret invention and warns them never to let the ruby fall into the wrong hands. The Brothers leave to continue their search for the ruby, as Carrington-Smythe claps for command, he sees the system malfunctioning again. The Brothers give the stall back to the Man (who had been visiting the flower stall repeatedly) who asks for a bunch of flowers for his wife. Carrington-Smythe comes out and the brothers hide behind the stall and the flowers again.