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The Chuckle Brothers get mistaken for footballers.


Paul attempts self-hypnosis only to be interupted by Barry. He then tries hypnosis on Barry only for his attempts to fail, Barry thens mocks the idea and acidentally hypnotises Paul instead. He hypnotises him into thinking he's training to be a great football player for Rotherham United. Paul practices only to have Barry save every goal, he finally scores a goal only to unknowingly kneel in a puddle, embarrising himself.

Dispite having snapped out of his hypnosis, Paul still thinks he could play for Rotherham. The Chuckles set off to catch a match, and they bump into two men trying to find the football grounds, with confusing directions the two give up and leave in frustration. Paul and Barry discover that the two men were actually football players Ronnie Moore and Tony Towner and have left their tickets behind. They go to the football grounds only to be mistaken for the actual footballers.

Paul and Barry learn of the mistake and decide to leave quietly. Outside they find Ronnie and Tony have arrived. The four then chase each other into the bathroom where they all fall into a sauna. They lose the two and decide to disguise themselves. They are then found by the manager and dragged into the match with no choice but to play. After many failures on the pitch, Paul finally scores a goal, in the wrong net. The two are then chased by the manager, Ronnie, Tony, and both teams off of the pitch.


  • When the lockers all open up, a white pole can be seen opening them.
  • The music that plays when Paul and Barry hug is Nessum Dorma by Luciano Pavarotti. It is currently the only music on the show not composed by Dave Cooke.
  • This episode was last shown sometime during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, 11th June 2010 to be precise, making it the one and only pre-Season 12 episode to be reran after the mid-2000s.
  • This is The 2nd time Barry mentions Bruce Forsyth.


Barry: Hey, you had me going then Paul, I could see stars.

Paul: Did I?

Barry: Yes, I saw Bruce Forsyth, Jimmy Tarbuck, Jeremy Beadle, then it all went black -- Cilla Black.

Paul: You will do everything I say.

Barry: I will do everything you say.

Paul: Jump up and down on the spot.

Barry: *jumps up and down*

Paul: Run around in little circles.

Barry: *runs around in circles*

Paul: Stop, now take your clothes off and sing "Land Of Hope And Glory".

Barry: Get out of it! I don't know the words.

Barry: *with fingers above table* Paul... it's Sooty in the nude.