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The Chuckle Brothers put on a Gala Performance at the theatre.


Paul and Barry become agents, but not the James Bond type much to Barry's dismay. Instead they launch themself into the buisness of theather agents by putting on a Gala Performance. The Chuckles sell all the tickets and head down to the theatre. Once there, they get everything ready for opening by putting on the lights and getting the scenery. Paul and Barry then go to the changing rooms to check on everything. When they get to the dressing room of an opera singer named Kerry Tikanotherone, the Chuckle Brothers cannot find her, so they check the train station, just as the cleaner comes into the dresser.

At the station, Paul and Barry do not see Kerry Tikanotherone even though she is right behind them. They see the cleaner in the dresser and mistake her for Kerry. Shortly the real Kerry shows up and Barry does not recognize her and thinks she's there to watch the concert instead of perform. Kerry calls the two from a phone booth and the two think she's an obsessed fan. Barry goes to check on the cleaner who he thinks is Kerry, and she tells Barry she's off home for her tea. Barry thinks she's still Kerry and tells Paul she's going home. The Chuckles try and catch up with her but fail and lose her.

Kerry talks to the Chuckle Brothers again, and the two finally realise she's the real Kerry Tikanotherone. Unfortunately Barry has lost the key and has to go to the caretaker's house to get a spare. The audience arrive, but Kerry's pianist hasen't unfortually, so Barry has to replace him. Barry does a terrible job of pretending to play the piano and the tape the recording of the piano is playing on goes faulty causing it to go way too fast, then the scenery goes amuck then Barry swings on the rope, and to top it all off, Kerry falls though a trap door. Despite all this the audience loved the act and give the Chuckle Brothers a round of applause, much to Kerry Tikanotherone's chagrin.


  • One of the rare times the episode name is said during the episode.
  • Barry mentions the 1960's Hanna Barbera cartoon series Secret Squirrel, who had recently gotten a revival as being part of the 1993 cartoon 2 Stupid Dogs.
  • Barry says he can't play the piano, but in "In a Class of their Own", he plays it rather well.
  • During the scene where Paul and Barry think they meet Kerry you can see some crew members chatting in the background in the mirror.