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Getting the Bird

Series Number:


Episode Number:


Original Airdate:

February 24th 1999

Written by:

Rory Clark & Robert Taylor

Guest Starring:

Kate Copstick

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"All At Sea"

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"Chuckle and Hyde"

The Chuckle Brothers run a pet shop with a talking budgie.


Paul and Barry own a pet shop called Chuckle Pets Supplies, but all they have to sell is an angry cat named Cuddles, who definitely doesn't like Paul. Luckily a lady from the local corner shop has donated a budgie... that's laid an unusually large egg. Paul comes up with a plan to get the egg hatched, have Barry nurture it in a homemade nest, leaving the budgie with him for company.

Paul goes out to stack the shelves with pet food, but ends up getting attacked by Cuddles once more. Paul shouts at Barry for bringing Cuddles into the store, only to surprisingly hear Barry insult him. Paul goes to tell him off but Barry claims it's the budgie but Paul doesn't believe him, until he hears the bird himself.

The bird starts to become annoying by playing tricks on the Chuckles. Like getting Paul attacked by Cuddles once more and pretending to be the radio with tornado warnings. Barry gets fed up and mistakenly thinks Paul wants to get rid of the budgie too, so he gives her to an old lady in search of a pet. Paul finds out and becomes disgruntled, revealing he planned to make the budgie (whom he has named Shirley) a star, with a grand piano, a little dress, talent agents and a party from the BBC (the British Budgie Council, not the other BBC of course).

Paul tries to get another singing bird sensation by having Barry sit on the giant egg once more. Time passes and unfortunately, it's show time and the egg has yet to hatch, so Paul tells Barry do his famous paper tearing (which isn't very good) to give Paul enough time to run away. Luckily Paul catches up with the customer that bought Shirely and takes off with what he believes is her cage, only to get back to the pet shop and find he's actually picked up her dinner, a very small chicken, which Paul throws into Cuddles' box.

After the pet shop has been cleaned up, Paul tells Barry that the customer had let Shirley free. And in return Barry tells Paul that the budgie's egg was actually just a chocolate easter egg leftover from the corner shop that had donated the budgie in the first place, he also tells Paul that Cuddles was taken by the customer to make up for everything. "All's well that ends well" is said by Paul as the two close up the shop, Barry wonders if Shirley will miss them, just as bird droppings land on his shoulder.


  • This episode shares the same name of an episode of Dad's Army.
  • The BBC is mentioned in this episode but is called British Budgie Council rather than British Broadcasting Corperation.