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The Chuckle Brothers play golf.


Paul and Barry get up early and decide to play a round of Golf.

Barry goes for first round but Paul keeps distracting him and sneezes making him go hit the ball in the wrong direction, giving Paul the chance to have a go. When he get's the shots wrong he accuses Barry of distracting him and helps himself to free gos.

They move onto the next course and as Barry keeps gossiping about his next shot being in the lead, Paul won't have any of it and distracts Barry then puts a plastic frog into his hole, meaning when Barry got his ball in the hole it bounced out again, meaning Paul is in the lead.

On the next course, Paul puts a nail into Barry's ball and when he hits it he falls over because it is too tough to hit.

They eventually sit down and feed the ducks but they soon realise that the ducks don't want their bread and they start throwing the bread back at them. They get back to their game.

Barry's ball lands in a cafe and the man mistakes in for a marshmallow on his plate and Barry gets on his table and starts whacking marshmallows everywhere and one lands on an old woman's nose. The man spits out the golf ball and gives it back to Barry who then leaves.

Paul's ball lands in a swimming pool and he gets an inflatable boat to try and retrieve it, but he falls in the water.

They then move onto the beach and while Paul tries to hit his ball, Barry makes a sandcastle and Paul makes a huge hole while trying to hit his ball.

They eventually put their points together and they tie (3798) and Barry decides they should have a game. They walk off into the distance and start another game.


  • Paul and Barry are wearing opposite colors - Paul is wearing a yellow hat and Barry is wearing a red hat, Paul is wearing a red jumper and Barry is wearing a yellow jumper and Paul is wearing yellow shoes, while Barry is wearing red shoes.
  • The episode was filmed in Peasholm Park in Scarborough.