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Gran the van

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Gran The Van is a Character in ChuckleVision. She is portrayed by Rosemary Macvie.

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She first appeared in Safe and Sound as the Grandmother of Dan The Van. She later appeared in That Ol' Chuckle Magic and A Change In The Weather.

She returns in the Series 15 episode Music Of Time, where she wants the Chuckle Brothers to clear out her attic. The Chuckles find a magical music box which reverses things in time both backwards and forwards. At the end of the episode, Paul and Barry have a bit of an accident with the piano as they take it downstairs but they accidentally drop the music box which breaks as it lands on the floor. Gran fixes the music box and Barry says "I can see why the same piano music's very moving now" to which Paul replies "You're telling me". But they let go of the piano which rolls straight down the stairs and outside the front of the house before crashing in the garden. Gran gasps at what has happened and uses the music box to undo all of the Chuckle Brothers' mistakes and accidents. Then, she stops rewinding the music box just before the Chuckles coming knocking on the front door. Gran opens the door as they knock it again for the second time and says to them both "Not today, thank you. Goodbye" and the Chuckle Brothers have lost their memories of what previously happened and both seem rather confused.


Gran loves and adores Barry but loathes Paul in A Change in the Weather. She gives Barry loads of treats and Paul one brussel sprout. Whenever Paul is doing something else, she defends Barry and thinks Paul is not helping him do all the hard work.