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The Chuckle Brothers turn the mill into an exclusive hotel.


During a rainy day, Paul is looking at holiday leaflets, Paul says he wants to turn the mill into a hotel with a dream of getting 10 or 20 stars, Paul tells Barry about the Dan The Van Superstar List, Paul gives him a ring he asks how to get stars for the hotel and is told they will send secret hotel inspector. The two get to work into transforming the mill, Paul wants to put a door leading from the guests room to the bathroom of course first they have to get a bathroom, and a door for that matter. Paul gets the bath round, Barry decides to take a bath just as it's being lifted up, Paul see's him up at the top and tells him to get down, Barry pulls out the plug and all the water goes on Paul's head below.

Barry has to fit in the door to the bathroom, he drills in a hole for the doorhandle and ends up putting a hole in the filled bath, Paul comes up with the "smart" idea of lowering the bath which is extremley noticeable. The bed squeaks too much so Barry fits in an old grease gun that will squirt oil on the bed spring whenever someone jumps on it.

Paul and Barry open up Chuckle Inn for business, they get their first guest, a geeky looking bloke, Barry introduces the man into his suite, Barry brings down a letter from the man and Paul notices D.V.L.C. and thinks it's from Dan The Van's Licencing Company and that the guest is a hotel inspector. The radio isn't working and Barry has to substitute, Paul gets the mans clothes mucky after blowing dust on him, so he suggests he take a bath. After his bath, the guest complains he can't get the plug out so Paul sends Barry to do it. He does so but all the water in the bath goes all over the guest downstairs as he's stand underneath where the sunken bath is. The guest gets very mad and decides to go to bed. He bounces on it and the grease gun Barry installed breaks making oil go all over him. The guest comes down and has a mental breakdown saying he's struck oil, and he runs off laughing, and the Chuckle Brothers decide that running an exclusive hotel isn't what it's cracked up to be.


  • Ramsay Gilderdale guest stars in this episode, he is also one of the writers for ChuckleVision.