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The Chuckle Brothers run a newspaper business.


Paul and Barry are running a newspaper business and Mrs McCallister is bragging on about her different vegitables. While Barry faces all the different phone lines independently. Paul says he is not interested in her vegitables or her collie. She walks outside and it reveals she has an actual Collie dog, they both walk home.

Meanwhile Paul and Barry think their newspaper looks a bit empty, and they decide they need front page news and head out to find a celebrity but when they arrive at the place with a ladder there is no one there and Paul thinks he has got the day wrong. A man called Professor Hingleding comes out and shooes them away, wanting no pictures. They had back to see Mrs McCallister but she is not interested, but they lure her in by entering her into their Grand Prize Competition but head off to make one up called Spot The Ball and they attempt to take a few pictures.

They head to her garden and they take some pictures of her garden but soon resort to her doing some usual household things. They ask her if she does something more interesting and she says she likes to keep fit and she takes them out on her more like army training. They try their best to keep up with her but soon realise it is not something the readers would like to hear about.

They print their first newspaper, but it has a missing spot in it for the competition, and she wins. While deciding what to give to Mrs McCallister they have to sell their paper, nothing is happening so they go on in the ChuckMobile and chuck them at houses but people keep chucking them back. They search through and find a painting for her and Barry takes a picture blinding her for a few seconds in which he pours the tea onto Paul's trousers and he tries to muffle his scream. Her guest turns out to be the professor and they hide behind the sofa. The professor recognise's them and they knock the picture down revealing the real one underneath and the professor names it as a masterpiece, and it was worth a fortune. Barry takes a photo and they are proud of their paper until Barry says it is a pity all the pages got stuck together.


  • When Mrs. McCallister pours the tea onto Paul's lap, nothing comes out of the pot.