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The Chuckle Brothers unknowingly sign into a strict health hotel.


Paul and Barry stop off at a hotel for a weekend, due to Paul only looking at the pictures they end up staying at a health hotel for the weekend and they ended up signing a contract saying they have to obey the instructors every order. They take away Barry's teddy and get woke up at 3 in the morning for a warm up, the instructors say they do the same things as the guests to make it fair. They are able to give the instructors and go for breakfast, the instructors come back and are not impressed so the two don't get anything to eat.

After a terrible workout at the gym and a painful massage they get some dinner which is only a single carrot, the two have had enough and decide to escape the health hotel so while jogging the two try to run off for a sandwhich but the instructors stop them. Down at the gym Barry is digging an escape tunnel with a plastic spoon but can't even get past the carpet. the two make a small aircraft using a bathtub and an airbed full of hot air, the aircraft goes by itself and ends up in the lake. They then disguise themselfs as trees, Paul blows their cover and the two get chased by the instructors. During the night the two try to escape prison break style but are spotted by a spotlight.

The next morning Paul and Barry hide in laundry baskets and finally get out of the health hotel where they go to a chippy for some breakfast. At the chippy they see the two instructors with loads of food on their plates, Paul and Barry blackmail the two instructors and will tell unless they they give the guests a proper meal and wait on them on hand and foot.


  • When the instructors wake up Paul and Barry, they say it's 3 o'clock in the morning, but it's oviously not as its still light outside. If it was 3am, it would be much darker outside.
  • When Paul and Barry sign into the hotel, the instructors only tell them they're on the top floor, they don't tell them which room their in, but Paul and Barry still find the right room.
  • The instructors tell Paul and Barry breakfast is being served, but when they go down everyone and themselves are doing morning exercise. This is confusing as the instructors said they were only serving breakfast for another 3 minutes, but when the Chuckles got down, breakfast had yet to be served.
  • Second of six episodes of Series 7 repeated on CBBC on Choice.