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Henry VIII and his 7th Chuckle

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Written By

Julian Dutton

Guest Staring

David Barnaby, George Camiller, Natasha Collins, Greg Davies

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The Chuckle Brothers have found themselves back at the court of King Henry the Eighth, who is awaiting the arrival of his seventh wife. When Paul hears that the prospective bride's ship has been lost at sea he coerces Barry into impersonating the lady so that they can taste the high life of the royal court.


  • This episode name is confusing some sources call it "Henry VIII and his 5th Chuckle" while others call it "Henry VIII and his 7th Chuckle". However now this episode has made it to YouTube after 10 years, It can be confirmed it is the 7th Chuckle not 5th.
  • The episode finally made it to YouTube in 2017 on Classic New CBBC YouTube channel.
  • ChuckleVisionMan pulled some strings and was also able to recover this episode.
  • This Episode Was Banned Due To Natasha Collins’s Death And Then Mark Speight (SMart, See it Saw it, Scratchy and Co) Died 3 Months Later.