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The Chuckle Brothers look at hobbies.


Paul is looking for something and asks Barry if he's seen his scissors for cutting paper. He then explains to him about the different types of paper crafting, and then tells him to go and get some scissors for him. Paul then gets some paper stuck to his hand.

Paul introduces the show and starts with paper folding, meanwhile they front a report on model railways from a train station and think that it is an actual model. Back in the studio, Paul claims to have finished the paper folding, but with a big pile of scrap paper on the floor, he announces the creation of the stable instead. Then he hands over to Armchair Theatre, but ends up being cut off when he thinks the programme has finished.

Back in the studio, the next hobby is aeroplane modelling and outside Paul is flying his airplane and Barry has a go, but ends up crashing it. Next they attempt to fly a kite, but Barry ends up plummeting it into a tree and Paul hands to the McChuckle Brothers, who have a radio control remote and end up controlling a duck.

Back in the studio, Paul and Barry demonstrate how to make a paper mache model. Paul manages to make one of a bucket, but when Barry tries, it work right. Then Paul moves on to collecting and they discuss the different types of collecting including Barry's strange stamp collecting. Paul focuses on autograph collecting and they head outside to a local club around the corner to show how to get an autograph from pop group Bros and Barry goes in to get the autograph and comes out with Sooty, Sweep, and Soo's autograph, but when Paul goes for a look he gets sprayed by Sooty from his water-gun. Paul utters the famous catchphrase "bye bye everybody" and chases after Barry.

Back in the studio, Paul moves onto the final subject, that being the ship in a bottle and he tells Barry go and get a glass from the glassworks and comes back with a hot one, which they chuck between them and they attempt to fit the ship in the bottle, but it doesn't fit, he apologises and Barry runs and brings a sheep with an eye-patch and he ends the show.