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"And remember No Slacking!" No Slacking

The Chuckle Brothers work at a hotel.


The Chuckles head to Blackpool for a job at a hotel and their Boss is the one and only No Slacking.

After having a bit of trouble with the revolving doors, Paul collapses onto a food trolley and crashes in No Slacking's Office.

They put on their uniforms and get down to work, Barry calls for a lift and get's one from a strongman.

They start to polish the mirror in the disco, Barry hands Paul a duster and Barry picks up and uses the one Paul stood on. As Paul polishes them, Barry makes them dirty again with the dirty duster and they go around in circles until No Slacking turns up and gets them to finish the job properly which they do and then he tells them to go and clean the rooms.

They start to clear out the sinks in different rooms and Barry empties his sink which comes back up in Paul's sink and they start to plunger their plug holes. Barry sticks a Toilet Brush down and it gets stuck to Paul's nose.

They start to strip the beds and they collect it all up to put in the laundry just as No Slacking comes in to inspect the work, he sits on the bed and it collapses under the broken leg.

They put the laundry down the chute but Barry ends up going down with it. They then get separate jobs, Barry is a lifeguard and Paul is a waiter.

Paul throws a towel on the floor, and No Slacking trips on it and falls in the pool, and Paul pushes Barry in so save him, just when he reveals he can't swim.

The Chuckles are about to get the sack when NS gets a phone call saying the guests couldn't make it for tonight's show so Paul and NS do the show and Barry tries to join in after the porter is unable to turn up due to his illness. Paul and NS perform "Thank you very Much" brilliantly, not knowing they end up knocking down Barry repeatedly. Barry sings at the terrible high pitch until Paul and NS tell him to sing and pronounce correctly, The brothers finish off their last verse, knocking down NS causing him to chase them out of the hotel.


  • This is the first appearance of "No Slacking" played by Jimmy Patton in ChuckleVision.
  • This was filmed at the Pembroke Hotel, formally Stackis Hotel now the Hilton Hotel in Blackpool.
  • Ninth episode from Series 3 shown on CBBC on Choice.