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The Chuckle Brothers return to their old school for a Pupil of the Century Award.

In a Class of their Own
15x04 In a Class of their Own

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Written By

Rory Clark

Guest Staring

Stephen Perring, Julian Parkin, Ann Gabrielle

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The brothers return to their old school for the Pupil of the Century Award, meeting the obnoxious old boy Gavin Quarmby, who is determined to win at any cost. Barry, however, secretly films him in the head's study, doctoring the short list so that he is the only name on it and he later films Paul, who is trying to add his name onto the list. Both are eventually discredited and Barry is declared the winner.


  • Back in "Gala Performance", Barry said he can't play the piano, but here, he plays it very well.
  • When Barry carries the long plank through the doorway, the door slams, and a shattering glass sound effect and Barry & Paul's reaction suggests the glass window in the door has been broken. However, the camera briefly shows the door over Barry's shoulder - and the glass pane is completely intact.
  • In the same scene, when Barry walks through the door, he has the plank on his shoulder. The camera briefly cuts to Paul before cutting back to Barry in less than a second - but the plank has now completely disappeared.
  • When Paul tears up the list and starts typing his own list, he says "If Barry's on the list, then I'm gonna be on the list as well". However, when the video footage from Barry's camcorder is later shown on the TV in the assembly hall, in the recorded footage Paul now says "If Barry's on the list, then I'm gonna be as well".