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The Chuckle Brothers look after Uncle Henry's kennel of dogs.


Barry meets Paul in a cafe after he goes to visit Uncle Henry and he left a note on his Mantlepiece, which Barry has brought with him (The Mantlepiece) and he asks them to look after his dogs for the weekend. Barry then discovers Paul had left him Chocolate Eclairs, Scones with jam and cream and great big dollops of banana custard. But it had been mysteriously eaten.

They arrive at the house and are told to look out for Mrs. Bloggs. They go and see the dogs around the back and there are more than they bargined for, Uncle Henry runs a kennel.

Mrs. Bloggs turns up and gets them to look after her dog Toby, a Poodle. They give him a bath and when the Chuckles are occupied with something else, he loses interest and climbs out. When they return, there is a smaller dog in the tub and they think he has shrunk.

Paul suggests bodybuilding and they take him for a walk, but they soon get tired and attach them to the front of the ChuckMobile.

Paul tries to get the dog to catch a stick and shows him how by behaving like a dog.

He then plays a prank on Barry by buying a toy poodle making Barry think Toby has shrunk even more. Mrs Bloggs returns and finds the real Toby eating from the bowl, she complains that he is an inch bigger and that they have been overfeeding him. They settle their poodle argument, and Paul gives up and says that the other dog is a poodle.


  • The real Toby lost interest and wondered from the tin bath and the small poodle came and sat in it resulting in the Chuckles thinking he had shrunk.
  • The Chuckles argument was over another black dog being a poodle which it wasn't but Paul settles the argument and says it is a poodle.


Barry: I've always had a soft spot for dogs!!

Paul: Hmm??

Barry: Our Postman's leg!