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The Chuckle Brothers visit a leisure centre, and Paul tries to talk Barry into taking part in a wrestling match.


Paul and Barry go for a game of badminton at the leisure centre. They also have a game of tennis and Barry is having a hard time understanding the rules and eventually ends up getting the ball stuck in the P.A system breaking it. The manager of the leisure centre is No Slacking and comes down to make the announcement in the badminton court. Barry ends up hitting him with a shuttlecock which goes in his mouth. NS recognises them as The Trouble Brothers and tells them to get out just as a tennis ball falls on his head.

Paul feels sorry for No Slacking and goes back inside to help him. Inside, he finds that one of the wrestlers for an upcoming match can't make it, so Paul volunteers Barry to fill in the wrestler's place. Paul is informed that if Barry doesn't fight his opponent Big Bad Brian, he will have to wrestle instead. The two get everything ready and then take a break, and No Slacking joins them but he ends up getting pop all over his head and ketchup in his face and decides to leave.

They finally finish and Paul tells Barry he'd make a good wrestler, he asks to train Barry to become one and he agrees to let him be his trainer. Paul shows him some wrestling moves and tricks then they have a practice in the ring. Paul goes to see NS who tells him Brian's on his way to see the substitute, Paul tells Barry that he's gonna be in the ring, but Barry thinks he's just in the ring to watch.

While talking with NS, Paul learns that Barry will be famous and rich after he fights Brian. Brian and his weakling manager arrive at the centre, Paul thinks Brian's manager is Brian himself and that he's easy to beat in the ring, so Paul takes Barry's place in the match. In the ring before the match, Paul sees how big the real Brian is, and when the match starts, Paul panics and runs around the ring while Brian chases him.


  • Brian's manager is un-credited even though he speaks.
  • This Was One Of Several Episodes Of Series 5 Shown On CBBC On Choice.