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13th July 2011

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jamiehinchliffe1 is one of the few people who are still active with ChuckleVision uploads.

Jamie's Uploads[]

  • 8x01 The Exterminators
  • 8x03 Marquee Madness
  • 8x05 Football Heroes
  • 8x07 Oh Brother
  • 8x08 Lottery Lunacy
  • 8x09 Lock In
  • 8x10 Charm School
  • 8x11 Traction Attarction
  • 8x12 Finders Keepers
  • 8x13 Costa Lotta
  • 9x14 Clowning Around
  • 10x02 Gold Rush
  • 10x03 New Pages
  • 10x04 Outward Bounders
  • 10x06 Flat Broek
  • 10x08 Stop That Stamp
  • 10x15 The Gathering
  • 11x02 Garden Pests (Has but not uploaded)
  • 11x03 Matchstick Men
  • 11x04 One Man and hsi Barry
  • 11x06 Brazil Nuts
  • 11x07 Chairmen Chuckles
  • 11x08 Stargazing (Not uploaded yet)
  • 11x09 All at Sea (Not uploaded yet)
  • 11x14 In The Soup (Not uploaded yet)
  • 12x01 No Pets Allowed (Unedited)
  • 12x02 Lotta Bottle (Unedited)
  • 12x03 Spaced Out (Unedited)
  • 12x04 Well Suited (Unedited)
  • 12x05 King of the Mill (Unedited)
  • 12x06 The Maltby Falcon (Unedited)
  • 12x07 Mayor Today, Gone Tomorrow
  • 12x08 Where's Aunty? (Unedited)
  • 12x11 Double Trouble (Unedited, not uploaded yet)
  • 12x14 The Real Dan (Unedited, not uploaded yet)
  • 12x15 The Good, The Bad and the Chuckles (Unedited but not uploaded)
  • 13x10 Hairs Apparent (Unedited but not uploaded)

Other Uploaders[]

  • 6x02 Gala Performance (Unclear if it is his original upload or not)
  • 6x03 Pizza the action (Same as before)
  • 6x04 Mystery Tour (Same as before)
  • 9x11 Shipwrecked (No better quality than before and is ChuckleVisions original upload)
  • Another account shut down because of the recent purge in February 2018.