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King of the Castle
King of the Castle

Series Number:


Episode Number:


Original Airdate:

March 31st 1999

Written by:

Gail Renard

Guest Starring:

Bryan Hands & Stephen Ellery

Previous Episode:

"Comic Relief Special"

Next Episode:

"No Pets Allowed"

After pumping an ancient well, Barry becomes the king of Ruritania, with Paul as his jester.


Barry becomes king after being the only one to pump an ancient well with Paul as his jester.


  • Ninth and final episode from Series 11 shown on CBBC on Choice.
  • This also happened to be the last episode to be shown on BBC Choice on the final day of CBBC on Choice on Sunday, 10th February 2002 a day before the launch of the CBBC Channel and CBeebies.