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Let Them Beat Cake
17x14 Let Them Beat Cake

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Written By

Rory Clark

Guest Staring

Mark Asante, Dinah Handley, Rebecca Stokes

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Paul and Barry are taking part in a cake-making contest at a village fete, but there is skulduggery afoot, as overly keen contestants start to steal the cakes made by their rivals. An inspector is called in to investigate.


The Chuckle Brothers crash their ChuckMobile into Inspector Donald Inverdale's car and Paul introduces himself to the inspector as Paul Chuckle, PC. Together, they go into the home of Mrs. Hare whose meringue has been splattered but Paul eats the evidence. He states there was a little misunderstanding when he first met the inspector.

Mrs. Hare takes the Chuckles to the marquee and explains that nobody's cakes are safe from ruination (Mrs. Gardiner's gateau was flattened, Mrs. Davis' donuts were demolished and Mrs. Moore's macaroons were beyond recognition). Then, they meet Emma Nixon who has won the cake contest for the last 10 years, but Mrs. Nixon wants them to stay away. Not long after, her cake gets ruined and Paul eats a bit of it but he states that he's not enjoying the competition.

Later, the Chuckle Brothers are walking past when they hear Mrs. Robbins screaming, so they enter her house where Barry comforts Mrs. Robbins and Paul accidentally puts his left hand on the chocolate cake that Mrs. Robbins had baked. Then, Inspector Inverdale arrives and Paul ends up in trouble with him.