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The Chuckle Brothers try to get to Scotland in time for the Loch Aye Games with the McChuckles.


The Chuckle Brothers head to the Loch Aye Highland Games in Scotland. Because the ferry was going to depart before they could get tickets, Captain Lachlan McSlacking (Jimmy Patton) agrees to let them work their passage aboard the King Orry. After he spots them slacking, the captain ties them up in rope coils. Upon their arrival in Douglas, Paul and Barry are told that they are in the Isle of Man and they can't go back without tickets.

To try to get back, they call Dan the Van for help then they sell their pole to buy the tickets. Before boarding Paul's ticket falls into the sea so they disguise Barry as an Auntie Mona, helping with the luggage, to get on board. However Barry raises his wig by mistake and with their cover blown the captain chases them around the ship (Accidentally hitting a woman who he thinks is Barry disguised as Auntie Mona while doing so) before eventually giving up. He tells them this is because he has had enough and hands the ship to the brothers wanting settle on the Isle of Man in peace. Paul phones Douglas McChuckle about their hiccough and discovers something.

Meanwhile the old captain looks down from Douglas Head on the King Orry departing and meets the Chuckle Brothers again. They explain that that it was not the Loch Aye Highland Games, they were supposed to going to, after all. It was the Loch Aye Island Games in the Isle of Man so they were right to be there in the first place.


Captain McSlacking appears to look and sound exactly like the lighthouse keeper in the eighth series episode Finders Keepers.

It is implied that Captain McSlacking is a different person to the usual No Slacking, also portrayed by Jimmy Patton, as they are seen talking to each other over the telephone after the captain first meets the Chuckle Brothers in this episode.