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The Chuckle Brothers hide inside a D.I.Y. shop from a security guard.


The chain on The ChuckMobile is broken, and Barry has to push it all the way to the D.I.Y. shop. The security guard tells them to move it, but Barry moves the sign instead, enraging him and as they head in, he decided to follow them around the shop. As he follows them around, he slips on some dripped oil and they decide to run and hide in the women's toilets until the store closes.

They emerge and then try and make their way out of the shop, but the doors are locked and Barry starts to panic and they decide to investigate the store to look for another way out. While Paul goes to the managers office, Barry plays around on the tills.

Barry finds a door, but the security guard is on the other side and he chases them back into the store, but they escape out and run back in, then the security guard locks up, presuming they have gone and he leaves.

Knowing that they are locked in, Paul and Barry make the most of it and look around the store. In the end before bed, Barry has a large bubble bath and Paul tells him to hurry up.

In the morning, Paul wakes up to Barry making breakfast on a fire, which causes the sprinklers to set off. Meanwhile, the security guard returns to the store and spots the brothers bike still parked and goes back into the store to find them. He searches and finds them hiding in a shed, but they emerge when disturbed by a wasp and they spot the security guard and resume the chase again, until they reach the front till and they stop exhausted and an alarm goes off. The boss then tells them they are the one millionth customers and they are awarded with a trolley dash around the store, but they say they are too exhausted. But the security guard interrupts and he is given the task.

On the way out, the security guard pushes the Chuckles in their bike because of the still un-replaced chain to the next store so they can pick one up.