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Lost And Floundering
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Written by

John Sayle

Guest Starring

David McKail as Ramsbottom and Hilda Braid as Mrs. Halibut

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Grounds For Complaint

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Ghillie Me, Ghillie You

The Chuckle Brothers work in the Lost Property section of a Bus Station


Paul and Barry are working in the lost property office of Slow Coach Bus Service, and keen new manager Mr. Ramsbottom tells them he is a master of disguise, who will be constantly checking on them. When old Mrs. Halibut, who has lost her husband on the bus, comes in Paul assumes that this is Ramsbottom in disguise but, after the mistake has been cleared up, he gets into bigger trouble by accidentally putting Ramsbottom's wife's present of a motorized scooter onto a lorry shipped for Aberdeen and replaces it with a child's toy..