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The Chuckle Brothers have a go at doing magic tricks.


Paul walks through the studio with a giant 1000 ton cardboard cut out and Barry comes in asking what he is doing. He then sees a Magic Wand on the desk but Paul forbids him to touch it and tells him to go off to find a big chest and some invisible doves.

Paul introduces the show while Barry copies his exact words and Simon Lovell comes into the studio asking if he can help but Paul sends him away.

The first trick is "The Disappearing us Trick" which doesn't go completely to plan when Barry get's on the platform to check it is a real bus and rings the bell and the bus moves off and Paul thinks he has really made it disappear, he turns to ask Barry but when he isn't there, he chases after the bus back to the studio where Barry is.

Paul moves onto Mind reading and Barry puts on the blindfold and starts to name all of the items that Paul picks up the table, and Paul thinks it is astonishing until Barry turns around and shows the audience he has a hole in one side of the blindfold. Barry then says he can predict the future and predicts Armchair Theatre next, but Paul isn't convinced.

Paul welcomes the audience back and introduces some French Relatives doing some magic, in which French Paul pulls the tablecloth off of his table without the glasses moving, he bows and walks off while French Barry tries the same but smashes the glasses, he walks over to the other table and picks it up, seeing that the glasses are glued to it, he then picks it up and walks off.

Paul moves onto card tricks and gets Barry to get the cards and cut them in which he cuts them in half. Simon Lovell comes along and shows his magic trick, and Paul and Barry come back from their tea break and Simon tells them he is going to make the moon vanish but Paul isn't convinced and by the end of the trick he claims his tricks are better.

Paul then moves onto the big finale with the big weight and Barry in a box. Paul tells him the weight will be dropping onto him and he gets scared and everytime Paul counts down and puts on the blindfold, he moves to the side and Paul keeps moving him back. On the final attempt, Barry pretends to move and Paul moves him over to the side. This time the weight drops onto Paul and Barry runs off in his box, shortly followed by Paul and Barry continues to chase him around the desk in circles.