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The Chuckle Brothers become market traders.


During a visit to a market sale and the buying of a dodgy watch Paul has one of his "brilliant" ideas. This time he comes up an ambition to be a custamonger, with a little help from Mike And Sam and Don The Con (Dan's Friend) the two are ready to open stall.

At the empty market Paul and Barry's stock arrives, a load of alarm clocks, while passing the boxes of clocks Barry has no-one to give the boxes to so he throws them all on the ground, Paul gets so angry he makes Barry go home so Barry decides to open his own stall. Paul checks out Barry's stall and goes to see all his stuff which is a load of practical jokes and pranks. Impressed, Paul makes up with Barry and decides to let him open up his stall next to his.

While setting up his stall Barry notices Paul's taken up some of his space, the two fight over a sheet with clocks on, Barry wins and Paul ends up falling into a load of mouse traps. Paul chases Barry and Barry hides under a sign, he finds something strange about the sign but he can't put his finger on it.

Paul and Barry notice how nobody's about, while waiting for customer's Paul tells Barry about the tricks of the trade, he is eating chewy toffee so all that comes out is mumbling. A customer finally appears, he buys loads of things from Barry's stall but ignores Paul's stall

After hours later Paul and Barry are fed up as they've only had one customer throughout the whole day, Barry notices something, all the other stalls except their's is empty, Barry takes Paul to the sign he saw earlier, after unnecessary workings out of what day it is the two figure out it's Saturday. Paul realises that Rotherham United are playing at home and go to catch the match on the telly, Barry says he found all the mouse traps except one which happens to be in Paul's sweetie bag much to his dismay.


  • Barry leans on the fourth wall by saying ten minutes into the episode, "I've only been in business ten minutes and already I'm moving up to larger premises."
  • Barry's customer is uncredited most likely due to the fact he doesn't talk meaning the crew didn't have to pay him as much.


Paul: We're just off the B4.

Barry: Where's the B4?

Paul: Just near the A4.

Barry: What's the A4?

Paul: Feeding the horses.

Barry: I've become a custardmonger

Paul: You mean custamonger

Barry: No, custardmonger

Paul: What do you mean custardmonger? *pie in the face* I shouldn't have asked.